SABC promotes & supports development & growth of sustainable, responsible economic opportunities in Southern Arizona.

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If you would like to show your support and stand with us in support of copper mining in Arizona, we welcome you to join our efforts.

Everyone can help with our cause. Stand up and be heard. We encourage you to write your local elected officials, attend public hearings, and in general make your voice heard. Sign up to receive email updates and we will let you know where specifically you can help, Enter your email address in the Stay Informed  box on the left side of this page.

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CAID Industries

2 Responses to Get Involved

  • David says:

    Please provide information on who funds the Arizona Business Coalition web site. Many people are claiming that Augusta/Rosemont funds and backs the Arizona Business Coalition, and it is a Rosemont shell. Please provide the transparency so that those of us that support mining can provide data that the anti mining folks are speaking without having the facts.

    Thank You,
    David Moritz

    • dennism says:

      Certainly, Primary funding as well as the maintenance of the site comes from CAID Industries Inc (, additional funding has come from AMIGOS Southwest Buyers Guide ( AMIGOS, is similar coalition comprised of business who are suppliers for the mining industry. We also have received much encouragement from across the business community, a short list of some of the supporting businesses can be found at the bottom of our About page.

      Thanks for pointing out the oversight, I have been meaning to add this information to our About page for a while now.

      –Dennis Messer IT Manager, CAID Industries

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