Our Mission

Southern Arizona Business Coalition is a not-for-profit corporation
created to promote Arizona’s growth and prosperity, which benefits all
business. Our future and the futures of our children depend on a
sustainable business environment that encourages the responsible
development of natural and human resources. Focusing on the strengths
and opportunities of our region, SABC champions responsible industries
to come to Arizona, supports their growth and advocates for their
success and longevity.

Our Goals

We support Hudbay Minerals Rosemont, the proposed F-35 training base at Tucson
International Airport, Wildcat Silver mine and other responsible
business that can stimulate our economy. Creating meaningful, long term
jobs is the key our community’s success, and to that end our focus is

  • Encourage the growth of existing companies and industries
  • Attract companies that create export products and invest in
    technology development
  • Counter uninformed, emotional statements that may stand in the way
    of new and expanding ventures, we will provide substantiated
    fact-based information.

Through a strong web presence, speaking engagements, literature,
social networking, advertising and coordinating informed business
leaders, we are committed to a unified front in support of new and
expanding ventures for the financial stability of our community.

Bill Assenmacher


Rick Grinnell

Vice President

Bill Assenmacher is President of CAID
Industries, a Tucson-based manufacturing company with an international
client base that was founded in 1947. Their diverse capabilities
include design/build responsibility, field erection services, custom
fabrication to customer standards, large scale manufacturing, and
extensive mining technology and services. CAID believes that by
supporting and promoting regional industries, businesses, higher
education, and local commerce, they will insure a strong economic
future for our community.
A longtime Tucson resident, Rick Grinnell
founded Smart United Business Strategies, Inc., which lobbies local
and state governments concerning business issues that benefit Southern
Arizona. SUBS also informs local businesses about the issues and
events that affect their well-being and encourages them to get
involved.He has also served as Director Marketing for Metro