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Rosemont’s Truth is Based on Facts

We need jobs in Southern Arizona. Thousands of qualified professionals and skilled workers are struggling to make ends meet – to put food on the table – and need sustainable jobs.

Rosemont Copper offers just such opportunities, yet there are those who oppose Rosemont, no matter how much economic development or how many jobs they create.

It seems the closer Rosemont gets to securing the final permits, the more erratic and outlandish the opponents’ attacks become.

The most outlandish attack to date is a film called Cyanide Beach. The goal of the film is to confuse – obscure the facts in a desperate attempt to link Augusta’s leadership, and therefore Rosemont, to an unrelated mine in Sardinia, Italy.

As members of our business community, we want you to know the truth. So please take a few minutes  to view Rosemont’s video response to the erroneous Cyanide Beach film.

Please watch this video and feel free to share the facts with others.