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ADEQ Air Permit Public Hearing- Information- October 9th

Our goal here is to provide basic speaking points that will assist you in commenting to the staff of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). As most are not experts with respect to specifics in this area, most do understand the basic rules of law and what we really want ADEQ to know is that we support the law. Further, we ask ADEQ issue the Air Permit under the law as soon as possible. Jobs are needed and Rosemont has met or exceeded every requirement under the law. Finally, please thank ADEQ for doing what Pima County should have done under the law.

SABC will be available for questions prior to the public forum at Sycamore Elementary School from 5-6 pm, look for signs to the meeting room.


ADEQ Public Hearing from 6:00 pm, Sycamore Elementary School, Multi-Purpose Building, 16701 S. Houghton Road 


If you can not attend, please submit your comments  to ADEQ


Below are a few specifics that are factual and can be incorporated.  Also, please be respectful of all comments regardless of opinions. This is an opportunity to focus on the principles of the issues, not argue with the personalities.

Thank  you,

Rick Grinnell, VP

Southern Arizona Business Coalition


ADEQ action’s to take over the permit processing from Pima County were justified and correct as Pima County acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner towards Rosemont noted in the Court’s ruling. The permitting process must be focused on enforcing the regulations and ensuring public safety not a political process.

• ADEQ has done a thorough job with the draft permit. The draft permit will place more restrictions and ensure greater public safety than the regulations set forth by Pima County.

• Rosemont will be a minor contributor to air quality concerns in the county. It should be treated equally and fairly.

• It’s time to move on and begin operations. ADEQ has been thorough in its’ review and assessment of Rosemont’s planned operations. Rosemont will meet and or exceed any and all air quality requirements set forth in the permit.

• Rosemont’s opponents continued efforts to try to stall job creation and economic opportunity for Pima County’s residents by makes a mockery of the permitting process. Enough is enough it is time to move forward.

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