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Bill Valenzuela; “He was a great friend” Bill Assenmacher

A great friend of mine, Bill Valenzuela, recently passed away (July 8th).
He was a great American, serving his country in the Korean War. He was a great business owner, as the
founder and chairman of his family business, W.G. Valenzuela Drywall & Paint, Inc., a major employer in
the Tucson construction market for many years.
A lot of people knew of Bill’s work as a Pro-Business leader and that he was heavily involved in
numerous Catholic Community Charities.
He was active in numerous groups including the Chamber of Commerce and the Tucson Airport
Authority. But one of his greatest accomplishments, in my opinion, was the role he played in the ESGR,
a support group for all of our Guardsmen & women throughout the State.
Bill was a founding member of the 162nd Fighter Wing Minuteman Committee whose guidance and
wisdom directly impacted the committee’s success and our wing’s success. He was the 162nd’s primary
advocate in the community and Tucson’s strongest supporter of the 162nd mission and its people.
Bill was the State Chairman for Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve and was later named Chair
Emeritus – constantly working to promote understanding and support between employers and their
National Guard and Reserve member employees.
He was out in front as one of our best advocates for bringing the F35 here to replace the F-16 at the
Tucson Airport. Bill was also a very big supporter of the Rosemont Mine. Bill’s leadership in the last 30
years will be greatly missed. His involvement and dedication to many worthy causes has inspired others
to follow his lead and get personally involved in local and state pro-business and public service activities.
He will be truly missed. Bill is leaving some very big shoes for all to pitch in and fill. I know I will miss his
leadership. He was a great friend.
Bill Assenmacher