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AZ Daily Star, Letter to the Editor, July 5, 2012

We Need Copper More Than Writer Knows
Re: the July 1 Letter to the Editor, AZ Daily Star:

“We can do without copper, but not water.”

The author of the above referenced letter to the editor is very much uninformed. Without copper he would not be driving his car, lighting his house, using a computer or cooling the air, to name only a few in a
multitude of scenarios that provide for his high quality of life.

The fact is, his concern is water and if he had seriously thought this through, he would have realized he couldn’t have that either, because water would not be available without pumping … and that requires copper! Hello!

Seriously, if all the Rosemont opponents are really concerned about water use, which apparently they aren’t but being only selective, they would be howling about how much is being pumped for nuts, which is five to six times
the amount Rosemont intends to use and a product, unlike copper, that we truly “can do without.”

Dave Efnor
Mining engineer, Tucson