SABC promotes & supports development & growth of sustainable, responsible economic opportunities in Southern Arizona.

SABC: Hold Pima County Government Responsible!

Pima County Government is not serving its constituents by opposing Rosemont Copper Mine.  Instead of spending taxpayer dollars to file lawsuits to fight Rosemont Copper’s mining operations, they could be supporting a responsible industry that would bring over $700 million a year to Southern Arizona in economic benefits. Additionally, Pima County now owns approximately 90% of the county land, leaving very little for private investment. And they continue to buy land, instead of spending time and resources to support industry and repair our neglected roads. These issues and many others will be addressed by SABC over the coming months.  We hope to educate people on the issues that affect their well-being now and into the future.
We welcome your questions and input as we focus on the strengths and opportunities of our region in supporting business and growth.