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Take five minutes and make a difference!

Take five minutes and make a difference!  See below for details.

Pima County residents need jobs now.  More than 20% of our neighbors live below the poverty line. The best weapon against the war on poverty is a job.

Rosemont Mine is poised to deliver 1,500 construction jobs and 465 permanent jobs (averaging $60,000 per year) when its mining operation is approved by the US Forest Service.  There will be an additional 1,600 indirect jobs created at companies that supply Rosemont. The estimated economic impact on our community is $9 billion. Pima County will realize $3.5 million in new property tax revenue per year for twenty years.

Rosemont has enlisted 21st century technology to meet or exceed all regulations required by the US Forest Service and has committed itself to be a responsible neighbor and steward of the environment.

Despite Rosemont’s commitments, Pima County officials appear to be delaying and working against Rosemont and the creation of these new jobs. It is time concerned business owners and citizens sent a message to the Pima County Board that we need jobs and we need them NOW.

Make your voice heard the easy way. Simply copy and paste the letter below into an e-mail and send it to the Pima County Administrator, Board of Supervisors and copy Jim Upchurch at the US Forest Service.

Together we can make a difference!

Michael V. Varney
President & CEO
Tucson Metro Chamber

Honorable Administrator and Supervisors —

I am writing to you to let you know that my company, my employees and my neighbors want elected county officials to support the creation of jobs, not obstruct or otherwise oppose job creation.

The Rosemont Mine has been asked to operate according to established and objective regulation overseen by the U.S. Forest Service and other federal agencies. Rosemont has already demonstrated environmental sensitivity and has committed to fully comply with or exceed all that is required of it by regulatory agencies.

Assuming these requirements are met, there is no valid reason for the Pima County Board of Supervisors to oppose, obstruct or delay the Rosemont Mine project. Opinions about the impact of Rosemont on air, water and environment are just that: opinions. Let the objective metrics of the US Forest Service be the determining factor. We expect our elected officials to do what is best for its citizens and right now Pima County citizens need jobs.  That is a fact!

Include your own opinions about jobs, Rosemont and the impact of unemployment on businesses and families here.

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People to contact:

District 1
Ann Day

District 2/Chairman
Ramon Valadez

District 3
Sharon Bronson 

District 4                                
Ray Carroll        

District 5
Richard Elias 

Coronado Nat’l Forest
Jim Upchurch    

County Administrator 
Chuck Huckelberry