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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Thanks to everyone that attended the 2015 Mining Appreciation Event!

A big thank you to everyone that joined us 2015 Mining Appreciation Event.

For those of you unable to attend here are a few highlights !



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A Minefield of Protests over Resolution Mine and Apache Sacred Lands

Sacred land, secret legislation, and billions of dollars. These are a few issues surrounding a controversy that has Arizona’s Apache tribe taking on copper mining giants. As part of an exchange approved by US Congress, 2,000 acres of federal land will be given to the Rio Tinto mining firm, who says the project will bring economic prosperity. Apache claim the site is holy and must be protected.

This episode of The Stream

from 2/26/15 features comments by


Roger Featherstone
Director, Arizona Mining Reform Coalition

Vernelda Grant
San Carlos Apache Historic Preservation Officer

Pete Rios
County Supervisor of District 1, Pinal County, AZ

Rick Grinnell
Vice President, Southern Arizona Business Coalition