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Taseko Announces Permitting Success and Board Approval for Construction of Florence Copper Test Facility

September 25, 2017, Vancouver, BC – Taseko Mines Limited (TSX: TKO; NYSE American: TGB) (“Taseko” or the “Company”) announces that the Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued an order denying any further review of the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Permit granted in 2016 for Taseko’s Florence Copper Project. In the September 22, 2017 decision, the EAB found that the petitioners failed to demonstrate any errors were made in issuing the federal permit. Continue reading

Watch video of 9/9/17 Mining Alliance Meeting

Recommendations for BLM Streamlining Planning & NEPA

A. Focused Analysis: How can the BLM reduce duplicative and disproportionate analyses?
1. Solution #1 – Develop Guidance that Broadly Interprets Plan Conformance to Reduce the Need for Plan Amendments
Provide for a broader interpretation of “plan conformance” to reduce the need for plan amendments. Pursuant to current regulation (43 C.F.R. § 1601.0-5(b)), plan conformance means that an action is either “specifically provided for in the plan” or “if not specifically mentioned, [] clearly consistent with the terms, conditions and decisions of the approved plan or plan amendment.” The term “clearly consistent” with respect to “terms, conditions and decisions of an approved plan or plan amendment” could be broadly interpreted (via written policy) to reduce the need for plan amendments.
2. Solution #2 –Provide Enhanced Staff Training
BLM must provide its staff specific training to strictly follow the current planning regulations and manage third party contractors assisting the agency with their analysis. Analysis should focus on the truly significant impacts and minimize discussion and consideration of nominal effects for the sake of coverage of every conceivable impact. Read more…

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Docket No. DOI–2017–0002, Review of Certain National Monuments Established

Re: Docket No. DOI–2017–0002, Review of Certain National Monuments Established Since 1996

Dear Secretary Zinke:

The Arizona Mining Association (AMA), Arizona Rock Products Association (ARPA), AMIGOS, and the Southern Arizona Business Coalition are jointly submitting comments for the four national monuments located in the state of Arizona that meet the criteria for review as established in Executive Order 13792 issued on April 26, 2017. These are the Sonoran Desert, Vermillion Cliffs, Ironwood Forest and Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monuments. Read more . . . Continue reading

June Mining Alliance Meeting

If you missed the June Mining Alliance Meeting, watch this video to keep in touch. We offered congratulations to Hudbay on receipt of their Record of Decision from the Forest Service and held a discussion on the National Monument issues  Jim Briscoe, Nancy Johannesmeyer and  Mike Conway from the Arizona State Geologist office.

Congratulations to Hudbay on the Final Record of Decision!

May Mining Alliance Meeting Honored Mary Poulton, PhD

Women’s Mining Coalition 25th Annual Fly-In to Washington DC

43 participants
3 ½ days of meetings
58 Senate meetings (63% of total Senate offices targeted)
151 House meetings (74% of total House offices targeted)
209 face-to-face meetings
88 emails to non-visited offices, including digital issue papers
Grand Total: 297 Congressional and Senate Contacts
21 meetings with actual Senators and Congressmen
23 meetings with Legislative Directors
5 meetings with Chiefs of Staff or Deputy Chiefs of Staff
17 meetings with Senior Policy Advisors
9 meetings with Legislative Counsels
1 meetings with regulatory agency (DOI – BLM)
WMC 2017 Fly-In issues focused on both hardrock and coal. Fly-In participants advocated that EPA’s Final CERCLA § 108(b) Rule should establish there is no justification for a CERCLA § 108(b) financial assurance program because state and federal bonding programs eliminate the need for EPA’s involvement.
Participants also communicated to Hill staffers that BLM’s and US Forest Service’s 2015 sage grouse land use plan amendments create unworkable and burdensome land use restrictions and prohibitions; that the amended LUPAs must comply with Secretarial Order 3349 and new Executive Orders; and that Congress should provide funds for the agencies to prepare the supplemental EIS per the court’s remand order and create a strong record that the LUPA land use restrictions and mineral withdrawals are not necessary to protect the greater sage grouse.
During meetings on the Hill, participants endorsed the Administration’s “All of the Above” energy policy and the continued use of coal. They also urged Congressional support for coal technology advancement, including robust DOE Fossil Energy R&D funding, and expanding 45Q tax credits for Carbon Capture and Storage.
Participants called for continued efforts by the Interior Department and Congress to facilitate coal and minerals development, including streamlining the permitting and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) processes. They communicated that WMC also supports appropriate streamlining of federal agencies, including the Mine Safety and Health Administration and OSM which continue to garner a disproportionately high level of funding despite coal mines and coal employment decreasing by more than 40% over the past 5 years.
WMC would like to thank the sponsors, the participants, and the companies that sent their employees to the 2017 Fly-In. Without continued support from such WMC friends and partners, the annual Fly-In would not be possible.